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Dry-Aged Gourmet Burgers & Sausages!
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Superior Beef – Nutritious & Delicious

The Texas Beef Council says that lean beef is a heart healthy choice.

Why Texas Heritage Beef Company?

June 2017
Texas A & M testing shows that Texas Heritage Beef is graded Choice+ and tested higher in MUFA/SFA than Akaushi Wagyu.

Why Texas Heritage Beef?
Educating Health Experts on Beef's Nutrition
January 26th, 2007
AUSTIN, TX - The beef you love is good for you too. Calorie for calorie, beef is one of the most naturally nutrient-rich foods available. In fact, there are 29 lean beef cuts that offer a variety of options to fit any lifestyle.

Texas Heritage Beef Company
provides today's health and safety conscious consumer a way to enjoy tender and juicy servings of beef several times a week. Savor through our sample selections and make your choice for nutritional, affordable and delicious Texas Heritage Beef.

View the Beef Cuts

Filet Mignon

NY Strip


Nothing says gourmet 5-Star Restaurant like a melt in your mouth tenderloin filet. Very limited supply. Tender and juicy, a very popular boneless cut. Average 1# each.
Robust beef flavor with buttery texture. Can also be used for kebabs. Approx. weight 1.0 lb.
$39.99 by the pound
#32.99 boneless by the pound
$19.99 boneless by the pound

Cowboy Ribeye



The REAL Texas Ribeye. Bursting with flavor. Frenched long bone for presentation. Approx. weight 2 lb. each.
The classic Sunday dinner roast!! Approx. 2.5-3 lb
Great for the smoker, grill or the oven. A true Texas Bar B Q star.
$29.99 by the pound
$9.99 boneless by the pound
$9.99 by the pound (5 lb min)

Texas Heritage
Premium Ground Beef


Chuck Roast

Made from the aged tender cuts of the round, chuck and sirloin, for a melt-in-your-mouth burger. Approx. weight 1.00#

$12.00 by the pound

Healthier sausage. Almost an oxymoron!! Made with lean all natural beef. Original Smoked and are 100% beef. The Jalapeņo Cheddar is 50% all natural beef and 50% pork.
For the time honored pot roast…just like grandma used to have on Sundays.  This versatile cut can also be used for kebabs, chunked up for stew or beef soup. You will enjoy this cut in multiple recipes. Avg. weight 3.0 LB.
$9.99 by the pound
Sausage Selection
$9.99 per pound 2-3# each

Skirt, Flank &
Tri-Tip Steak

Either of these cuts will yield tender, juicy fajita strips. Approx. 1.25 lb pkg.
Other Cuts

Comfort Foods

Meaty Shanks

Stew Meat

Made from the shank of the animal, this makes exquisite faux oso bucco, hearty soups and stews. Approx wt, 1.5-2# pkg.
There is nothing like the aroma of a bubbling pot of beef stew or soup. Approx. weight 1 lb.
$8.99 by the pound
Oso Bucco by the pound
$12.00 by the pound
Stew Meat by the pound

NOTE: Due to increased fuel surcharges,
purchaser may be contacted about an increase in the shipping charge .

Half and hind quarters available. Call for questions, pricing and availability, 817-690-7327

Disclaimer: All products are subject to availability. Some cuts, such as T Bone, Porterhouse, Ribeye, and Rump roast are in limited supply simply because there aren’t very many of that cut per animal.

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