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A certified clinical nutritionist says that Texas longhorn beef is the healthiest red meat and notes that longhorn beef is "definitely a heart-healthy food."

Texas Heritage Beef Company
provides today's health conscious consumer a way to enjoy tender and juicy servings of beef several times a week. Savor through our sample selections and make your choice for nutritional, affordable and delicious Texas Heritage Beef.

Check back with us for our upcoming Winter Specials!

Receiving a Frozen Product

If your beef is no longer frozen when your package arrives, you can place it in either your freezer or refrigerator as long as it is still cool to the touch. If you place the beef in your refrigerator, please cook it within a day or two.

Disclaimer: All products are subject to availability. Some cuts, such as T Bone, Porterhouse, Ribeye, and Rump roast are in limited supply simply because there aren’t very many of that cut per animal.

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