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Beef Chart


The chuck includes ribs 1-5 and the shoulder blade. Roasts from the chuck generally require moist heat cooking.


The rib section contains ribs 6-12. A full boneless rib roast weighs 8-9 lbs. These premium cuts have a moderate fat covering, are tender and generally grilled or roasted in dry heat. Back ribs are also located here.

Short Loin

This part of the animal is usually cut into premium steaks including New York Strips, T Bone, Porterhouse and tenderloin. These steaks are lean and grilled or roasted over dry heat.


The sirloin is lean and tender. Their flavor and lower price make them popular with families that enjoy grilling. These cuts also lend themselves well to recipes with sauces and breading.

Round Cuts

These cuts include lean roasts for braising, cuts for breading, stir fry, fajitas and swissing. London Broil cut is found here.

Flank or Skirt

These thin, lean cuts are used for grilling.


This section contains ribs 6-12 where skirt steaks are trimmed very lean for marinating and grilling. This is also the area from which short ribs are cut.


This cut is quite lean and lends itself well to braising, smoking with a source of moist heat.

Shank Meat

From the upper fore and rear legs contains a lot of connective tissue and requires braising for longer periods of time. Thick broths from marrow give soups and osso buco their rich flavor.

Need Help with the Right Steak?

This is a highly personal preference and the occasion and number that you are serving can all factor in. These are a few descriptions that may help you.


Cooking steak with the bone in makes it even more flavorful. The bone in this steak separates the ‘New York strip” side from the superb tenderloin side.  A perfect steak for the grill.


Another steak cut that is flavor enhanced by the bone. Rich and buttery with more marbling than most cuts.

Top Sirloin

This steak is leaner but equally as tender, juicy and flavorful as the other steak cuts.

Flank and Skirt Steak

Very lean with a beefy flavor that is tender and juicy…perfect for the grill and sliced cross grain or for fajitas.

Recipes that suggest marinades:

Texas Heritage Beef is very tender and dry aged  so it is not necessary to marinate any of the cuts for tenderizing. However, should you like the flavor of marinades, we suggest you use them sparingly.

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