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Gourmet Burgers

Lean Ground Beef

Perfect balance of fat ratio in this dry-aged lean ground beef comes from chuck and steak trim will give the true deluxe hamburger afficiandos what they have been looking for. You will not find dry-aged hamburger meat in any grocery store. Hormone free, steroid free, antibiotic free.

Gourmet Sausages!

Made from all natural products and Texas post oaked smoked, the true Texas Heritage way.

Gourmet Hamburger

Gourmet Sausage

Grill Packages

Made from dry aged chuck, round, sirloin and trim from tenderloin, ribeye and striploin.
1# per/pkg
A true delicacy. Made from natural products, these sausages are in a class all their own.

6# minimum
3/5.3oz sausages to a package
Select from 3 flavors 
Original Smoked 100% beef
Jalapeno 50% beef 50% pork
Spicy 100 beef
Create your perfect combination of Gourmet Burger and Gourmet Sausages. Combination is 10lb minimum
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