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Biomimicry as Environmental
Education in Perspective

No feed lot—no methane gas collection
No feed additives for appetite enhancement for rapid weight gain
Therefore no excessive fat for waste – Excessive back fat =$$ labor cost for trim and fat waste = cost passed on to the consumer
No feed lot over crowding eliminates the need for antibiotics for sickness=no antibiotics passed on to consumer
Dry-aged beef means raising beef according to Nature, aging beef naturally, in a USDA-safe, controlled and monitored cold storage unit.

Texas Heritage Beef and Biomimicry

Commercial /industrial beef production does not follow the wisdom of nature.

Biomimicry is our ability to borrow life’s blueprints to satisfy the need for more effective, sophisticated, energy sipping, non toxic design that allows ranchers/farmers an avenue to participate in sustainable agriculture and reduced carbon footprint. Texas Heritage Beef Company is doing its part in joining the network of the next generation of designers, biologists and engineers as we all pursue ecological and environmental answers.

Texas Heritage Beef  and Biomimicry as Environmental Education in Perspective

  • Breed of cattle in its natural habitat
  • Free range balanced diet for changing energy needs throughout the life of the animal
  • No feed lots that could contribute to air or water pollution or need for antibiotics
  • No excessive fat for trim waste—lower labor cost in processing and waste disposal

Texas Heritage Beef Company’s protocol is true biomimicry, copying the “wisdom and natural processes found nature”. We are raising and processing beef the right way because it is the right thing to do. Sometimes the old fashioned way was the best way.

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