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Ranch Hand Chicken Fried Steak

Fry temp: 375 degrees
• 1.5-2 # Texas Heritage round steak
• Salt and pepper
• Cayenne pepper
• Dash of garlic powder
• 1 egg + 2T water, whisked
• 2 c flour (2 trays)
Cast iron skillet, fill with good oil to halfway up the side of the skillet
Allow meat to come to room temperature and cut in serving size pieces.
Season meat pieces with salt and pepper. 
Season  each flour tray with cayenne pepper and garlic powder to taste. (1/2 t cayenne and ∏ t garlic powder to each cup of flour per tray. Whisk egg and water.

You will have 3 stations: flour, egg, flour
Dip meat pieces one at a time first in flour, then in egg wash, then in flour.
When oil has reached 375, slide pieces in hot oil  making sure to not overcrowd skillet. When crispy brown on underside, turn and brown on the other side…ONLY turn meat ONCE.
Drain on paper towels.
Pour off excess oil and save the dredgings. Add 2-3 T of flour, pinch of salt  and pepper. Brown flour mixture to golden brown. Add 4 cups of whole milk , whisking to incorporate and cook on medium heat until thickened . VOILA you have cream gravy.